The Government of Kerala conducted a one day workshop with joint participation of National Informatics Center, Kerala State IT Mission and State e-Mission team-Kerala in connection with the establishment of the Transparency Portal related to the End to End Computerisation. The portal has to be designed with automation online and less human intervention in it, ensuring transparency.

The aim is to make the entire Public Distribution System transparent. From the release of food grains/ Kerosene from the FCI/ Oil Agency to the Authorized Wholesale Depots and from there to the ARDs the entire details of the quantity and the scale of issue per ration card holder and the rate at which the commodity is to be sold in retail is to be put on the public transparency portal for everyone to see (all details of allocation to AWDs, lifting time and date and quantity and quality of food grain lifted shall be hosted on the Web site on a real time basis and the allocation made to the ARDs and the scale and the retail issue price and the entitlement per ration card holder shall be made available on the website for everyone to see) Department is focusing on the proper meetings of the Vigilance committees at the Taluk, District and the Panchayat levels and these members shall have access to the information from the web site and also by SMS


Transparency Portal Recommendations

Web Portal Pre-requisites