The first step of the supply chain management is evolving an intelligent lifting management system with pre-determined lifting and arrival of rake and non-lifting schedules and a system that delivers feedback based on the depositing of value of food grain to FCI by AWD and also the delivery window by the Supply Corporation for door to door delivery including a module for release of the grain from AWD to ARD.

For effective monitoring of food grain movement from FCI godowns to AWD and to the corresponding ARDs, the state government has decided to make use the i-TAC software designed and developed by M/s KELTRON. A meeting of officials of Keltron i-TAC application, intended for GPS tracking of vehicles, was held on 20.07.2015, regarding the Model Pilot in ARDs fed from Supplyco AWD, Chalai, Thiruvananthapuram, as part of the End-to-End computerization Project in Civil Supplies Department. 


A demo was made on the existing reports in the i-TAC application. In the beginning, i-TAC device will be fixed in the vehicles at Chalai Sub Depot (Supplyco AWD) which lifts rice and wheat from FCI Valiyathura/ Kazhakkuttam and despatched to ARDs (firstly, ARD 32 Kanjirampara). The lorry owners/transportation contractors held their view that monitoring of their vehicles during the trips other than that for PDS,
using i-TAC device fitted in their vehicle permanently, will cause some inconveniences to them. Hence it was decided to fix a trip meter which would be fitted in the vehicle under lock and key, in a frame. The key will be under the safe custody of the Department official, who on request from the Driver during start and at the end of the trip would provide it for unlocking the frame (casing), for turning the device on/off. The power will go through the key only. Through this system, the Driver knows well when the device is on/off and the Department can ensure its enabling throughout the trip. There is an LED in the device by means of which its on/off can be detected easily by anyone. The Department intends to convince the transporters and lorry owners that 24×7 GPS monitoring of their vehicles is not at all intended to, and monitoring is required only during the trips engaged in PDS operations, right from the start till its completion. In case of non co-operation from their part even with this clarification, legal proceedings like termination of existing transport contract and engaging new vehicles etc may be ensued by the Department/Supplyco.

The tracking application can be run on computers/laptops/mobiles (only Android platform presently). The tracking using the GPS/GPRS device is an open architecture solution and is customizable. It enables real-time location tracking, monitoring, and route tracing, real-time SMS alerts on events and generates reports.