An important component of the end-to-end computerisation project is to ensure complete digitization of database and maintaining the same 100 % online with all records seeded with AADHAAR and AADHAAR linked bank account, mobile numbers, EPIC numbers, LPG consumer numbers, Electricity consumer number and other relevant data such as house number and pin code for postal address
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Ration Card renewal process is currently on-going at full scale and the Government of Kerala is collecting details including Aadhaar details from all cardholders. Other details such as name, address, family members, relationship with cardholder, date of birth, bank account, income along the inclusion/ exclusion criteria details are currently being collected. Camps constituted for this purpose have completed the collection of filled-up forms and taking photograph of the eldest female member. Mobile photo camps are established for those who could not able to attend these photo camps.


As part of the Ration Card Renewal process and identification of priority beneficiaries under NFSA, 2013, the Department of Civil Supplies, Kerala has collected Aadhar details of every card member and bank account details of the cardholder by distributing pre-populated bar-coded forms through the network of Fair Price Shops. The form has options for filling up of Aadhar, Bank Account no. etc. along with other details such as name, address, family members, relationship with cardholder, date of birth, bank account, income along the inclusion/ exclusion criteria details. The filled up forms has been collected through camps by taking photograph of the eldest female member of the family. Department has obtained Aadhar details of more than 77% population of Kerala.
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The Data base prepared from the ration card renewal is the only data base in the entire State Government to have electoral ID, AADHAR details, Bank account details, Mobile number details, relationships within a household ( family members), economic parametres of the family and could be easily used as the mother data base as it is compliant to e- governance standards.

The Status of Aadhar seeding in Kerala are as follows.

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Total Number of Ration Cards: 82,60,619

Total Members in Ration Cards: 3,63,72,758

Number of Ration Cards Digitized: 79,78,503 (Renewed )

Number of Ration Cards with Aadhaar Seeding: 77,24,962

Number of Members with Aadhaar Seeding : 2,42,70,024

Number of Ration Cards with Bank Account Seeding: 68,86,970


The details of Aadhar seeding in the state are as below.

Sl.No Name of District Total Members Aadhaar Enrolled Total Aadhaar Entries Percentage  %
1 Thiruvananthapuram 3449219 3045026 2471776 81
2 Kollam 2805971 2485208 1946487 78
3 Pathanamthitta 1351137 1201344 804924 67
4 Aalappuzha 2245680 2047503 1664969 81
5 Kottayam 2008871 1891508 1533055 81
6 Idukki 1121275 1037693 814746 79
7 Ernakulam 3208203 3074218 2503756 81
8 Thrissur 3257889 2997532 2480850 83
9 Palakkad 2980052 2689515 1917371 71
10 Malappuram 4398611 3809470 2010881 53
11 Kozhikkode 3152912 2944645 2359520 80
12 Wayanad 824447 785918 670035 85
13 Kannur 2716154 2431782 1998458 82
14 Kasargode 1308778 1199424 890534 74
GRAND TOTAL 34829199 31640786 24067362 76