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For assisting the Civil Supplies Department with the data entry and software upkeep immediately and in the long term for the proposed mission mode project of end-to-end computerization contractual staff on the following categories has been engaged by the NIC through its empanelled agencies as per standard procedure.


Position Roles and Responsibilities Number Location
Project Implementation Unit (At Commissionerate of Civil Supplies)
Management Associate To integrate all systems and be closely involved in the development of modules 2 (Two) Commissionerate of Civil Supplies
Programmers To assist in the development of all modules 4 (four) Commissionerate of Civil Supplies
Programmer Assistants To assist in the development of modules 4 (four) Commissionerate of Civil Supplies
District Supply Officer (District location- 14 districts)
Programmer Assistant To integrate all systems on the centrally standardized platform 1 (one) at each district location D.S.O office
Taluk Supply Office (69 Locations)
Programmer Assistants To assist in the integration of the modules in the field offices 1 (one) at each Taluk Location At T.S.O office
Data Entry Operators To assist in the integration and implementation of the various modules of the End to End computerization and for AADHAR seeding validation and RCMS 2 (two) or 3 (Three) At T.S.O office


Government have accorded administrative sanction for the appointment of Project Implementation Unit in the Commissionerate of Civil Supplies. Accordingly a Project Implementation Unit comprising 2 Management Associates, 4 Programmers and 4 Assistant Programmers were appointed in the Commissionerate from October, 2014. Online Allocation Module, Distribution Monitoring Software, Grievance Redressal Module are the in-house developed applications by the Project Implementation Unit. The above applications are under testing and can be piloted after completing the Security Audit by September, 2015

Database Administrator

A proposal from Enterprise DB for providing Onsite Database Administration Resource for 12 Months and Enterprise DB Certified Community Version of PostgreSQL with Solution Pack. The Cost Estimate for the above is Rs. 19,22,160/- for DBA Resource and Rs11,55,560/- for eight socket (NIC suggested eight socket) Community version PostgreSQL. The proposal of Enterprise DB was approved by the Technical Committee and decided to send the proposal to Government for approval. Government has accorded administrative sanction for engaging a Database Administrator from Enterprise DB for an amount of Rs.30,77,720/-


Accordingly Mr. Sivananda Reddy, System Engineer, EnterpriseDB Corporation, has been working as a PostgresQL DBA Supporter since 12th January 2015 in the Commissionerate of Civil Supplies. Sri. Reddy is well informed in the area of database management on the PostgreSQL platform. He has provided satisfactory technical assistance for the Ration Card Renewal Process by assisting the Civil Supplies Department for maintaining the RCMS (Ration Card Management System) database and optimizing the server for the data entry process. The Ration Card Renewal process has been initiated under the National Food Security Act, 2013 where 82,00,000 ration cards I over 3,50,00,000 digital records] were to be entered onto a Central Server from 4,000 independent lPs with query support for performance and progress monitoring on the database. Sri. Reddy has provided adequate support throughout the process.Further Sri. Reddy has provided technical advice on database design, schema and table structures, query and reporting formats and query optimization for multiple large volume database based application software which underwent testing cycles in the Project implementation Unit for the End to End Computerization project such as the online allocation software, the Distribution Monitoring Software and the Consumer Grievance Redressal modules.