As part of implementation of National Food Security Act 2013, three months allocation of food grains are to be stored in the state. For this purpose the Department should have the storage capacity in three phases. Firstly by finding out additional storage facility in the existing AWDs, secondly by hiring godowns by Public Sector Undertakings such as Food Corporation of India, State Ware Housing Corporation, Central Ware Housing Corporation etc. Thirdly, to construct godowns with the help of Supplyco by obtaining excess land/Purambokku/Own land available with Government. In the first stage it is proposed to assure storage space required for storing one month’s requirement. In the second stage it is proposed to have storage space of 21,37,500Sq.ft. of building required for keeping three months requirement of food grains.

Kerala have to construct new godowns for keeping the three months allotment. For the construction of godowns, I request you to make arrangements for making available low interest loans to the State from Central Government agencies.

The storage capacity of the AWDs of the State is nominal, i.e. only 0.90 lakh MT, even though the quarterly requirement is 6.91 lakh MT. The storage capacity of FCI godowns in the State is 5.13 lakh MT. The intermediate storage capacity owned by the State Govt is NIL, but the Supplyco sub depots (9 numbers) having a capacity of 8520 MT, which is included in the 0.90 lakh MT. The States need to create intermediate storage space for usage by it for storage of foodgrains after taking over stocks from FCI and before distributing it to TPDS beneficiaries through Fair Price Shops Steps are being taken to augment the storage capacity by constructing more godowns. Steps are being taken by the FCI also to construct godowns and SILOs. The Kerala State Civil Supplies Corporation (Supplyco) is the nodal agency for constructing godowns. The department has identified land in certain locations and requested the state government to handover the land for constructing godowns.    But in order to construct godowns, Central Assistance is necessary as the project needs huge financial assistance.

It may be seen that as compared to All India storage, the storage of food grains in Kerala is very less.

The National Food Security Act, 2013 mandates creation and maintenance of scientific storage facilities at the State, District and Block levels being sufficient to accommodate foodgrains required under TPDS and other food related welfare schemes. As on date the intermediary storage space is only 0.78 lakh MT (a major portion of the storage godowns owned by private parties) and what is ideally necessitated to have an interim storage space of 3 months the following storage space needs to be created.

Annual allocation as per NFSA                      –          14.25 LMT

Three months’s allotment                                 –           3.56 LMT

Storage space needed for 1 MT                      –           6 sq.ft.

Storage space needed for   3.56 LMT        –           21.375 L sq.ft.

The state govt. have no owned storage space. The storage capacity of the AWDs of the State is nominal i.e. only 0.78 lakh MT on rental basis,

The following are the break up of storage area of AWDs in the state.

District Present storage space(In sq.feet)
TVM 96,616
KLM 80,981
PTA 38,700
ALP 69,885
KTM 66,605
IDK 36,936
EKM 63,652
TSR 90,600
PKD 56,615
MLP 76,592
KKD 40,403
WYD 14,560
KNR 37,380
KSD 16,790
TOTAL 7,86,315


It may seen that storage of food grains in kerala is done by FCI-5.45 LMT,CWC by 1.53 LMTs and SWC by 2.02 LMTs

Since land is extremely costly and the State Govt. would have to bear the Land Acquisition costs for identification and acquisition of land for establishment of intermediary storage godown to create sufficient intermediate storage. Kerala State Civil Supplies Corporation (Supplyco) has entrusted for the entire PDS storage includes godown requirement for the entire state.