For successful implementation of the TPDS, all States/UTs must ensure that foodgrains reach the intended beneficiaries through Fair Price Shops (FPSs) without leakage and diversion. It is also understood that foodgrains are prone to maximum leakage / diversion between lifting from State godowns and subsequent transportation up to the FPS. In view of the above, doorstep delivery of foodgrains by States/UTs upto Fair Price Shops (FPSs) instead of letting private transporters/wholesalers to transport TPDS commodities is one of the important measures for ensuring leakage free distribution of foodgrains and improving the system.

In Kerala it is the private AWD license who undertakes the responsibility of transporting the food grains from the FCI depot to the Wholesale stock point incurring transportation costs and informal costs like Attikuly/Marikuly charged by the labour union/truck cartels at the Food Corporation Godown although the same has been explicitly declared illegal by the Hon’ble High Court. It is the Government’s responsibility to ensure door to door delivery implying reaching the foodgrains from FCI depots to AWDs and from the AWDs to the ARDs. This need a substancial financial commitment which is anticipated to cost around ` 22.5 crores on a monthly basis and this need to be provisioned for on a priority with the responsibility being given to the Supply Corporation. A detailed proposal in this regard is awaited from SUPPLYCO.

As per the G.O(Ms) No. 18/2014/F&CSD dtd 31.05.2014, Govt. of Kerala has issued sanction in principle for entrusting Supplyco for the implementation of Door to Door delivery of essential commodities related with the End to End Computerization of PDS. SUPPLYCO had submitted RFP for the engagement of PMC for the implementation of  Door to Door Delivery.

Now SUPPLYCO is undertaking the experimental Door to Door delivery system in Kothamangalam Taluk. KELTRON i-tac (Intelligent Tracking and Communication) GPS device fixed in two vehicles are using for the distribution of atta, sugar in 122 ARDs in this Taluk.

In Department, i-tac device is now fixed in the official vehicle of the Commissioner of Civil Supplies for testing purpose and it will be fixed in the Trucks participating in the Model Pilot of the End-to-End Computerisation Project. Using the device we are able to watch online the live tracking of the vehicle and also the Current Position, Distance Report, Fuel Report etc.

Supplyco is expected to undertake the Door to Door delivery of the PDS items and its computerisation. World Food Programme Team had a discussion with Supplyco in this regard on 25.7.2014. It is also noted that the appointing of a consultant for implementing the e – PDS is underway. In this respect, it is suggested that a consultant may also be appointed separately for the implementation of the computerisation of the Door to door delivery system to be undertaken by Supplyco. On discussion it is noted that there are experts in the WFP in the logistics and related fields and the services of these experts can be utilised for Supplyco. It is requested that   appropriate consultancy arrangements may be made with WFP to proceed in the Door to Door delivery system and computerisation.