In Kerala the the Transparency portal is being attempted to be merged with a geographical indexed user interface wherein the Decision Support System (DSS) is a part of the spatial Data Infrastructure indexed platform. To elaborate all ration shops, AWDs, ARDs  shall be populated on a spatial data infrastructure base map (either vector/rastor, as approved by the Technical Committee)and this will allow popup menus when scrolled on screen allowing real time display from the PDS application server of the stock price at which being sold, total percentage of stock, distributed to ration card holders from ARDs/AWDs and subsequently also, the price levels in the local vicinity market. This will facilitate the Decision Support System which will allow several aspects to be reviewed based on the colour coded combination on the map (Geo Spatial Index) either at state level or by paanning/zoom in to the District/Taluk/Firka/ARD level for review regarding aspects like,

  1. Stock in Hand
  2. Total Stock distributed
  3. Local prevailing market price (for monitored item wise price escalation)
  4. Whether shop open or not
  5. Number of inspections/raids conducted

The Spatial Data Infrastructure exercise for the entire Public Distribution Network shall be reduced to proper print maps of various dimensions to display various aspects like the arterial routes covering the AWDs, ARDs, local landmarks, distance markers, storage capacity, proposed go-down and warehouse potential areas and other important indicators like population and category based geographical spread like BPL, APL and so on. These maps shall be end targeted at Taluk offices, AWDs, police station (where one can actually plot areas of previous seizures of unauthorised movement of essential commodities and cased under Essential Commodities Act. The quick representation would allow for decisions at the policy level and this Decision Support System would be available at all hierarchies from the Secretary level downwards to even a public user interface through in restricted manner.

Kerala State Spatial Data Infrastructure has submitted a proposal of Rs. 15 Lakhs for the development of a DSS (Decision Support System) Portal for the Public Distribution System.

  1. On 5th of July 2013 the Proposal submitted by KSDI was discussed and clarifications obtained and IT Mission submitted a revised proposal dated 8th July 2013 for which no comments were offered during discussions with SeMT
  2. On 31st July 2013 vide Agenda item No.5 the approval of revised proposal of KSDI was deferred to next Technical Committee in the 3rd Technical Committee for time to submit comments. No comments were received.
  3. On 25th November 2013 vide Agenda item no.10, the 8th Technical Committee approved the revised proposal for KSDI for a total amount of Rs.15 Lakhs (Rupees Fifteen Lakhs only)
  4. On 17th March 2014 vide Agenda item no.4(a) of the 9th Technical Committee the matter was to be submitted to state
    Government in the Food & Civil Supplies department for administrative sanction
  5. On 20th June 2014 vide agenda item no.6 inclusion of the proposal of KSDI as model pilot project was done.
  6. On 2nd August 2014 at Agenda item no.9 during 13th Technical Committee, SeMT representative stated certain clarifications were to be arrived at but no specific queries were raised except the validity of the proposal as on date and coverage of the proposal.
  7. In the interim vide G.O. (Rt) No.201/14/F&CSD dated 15/07/2014 administrative sanction for the said pilot was received from State Government.

Accordingly work order has been issued for the preparation of a Decision support system which is colour coded so as to depict graphically the actual availability of stock of each quality at all locations (ARD, AWD, KWD) and the actual sale on a particular day. The basis emphasis is that the graphic front end is created and a report generation done on the colour coded pattern on the base map based on the actual online figures of the stock at the wholesale and retail levels as available online on the transparency portal.