Supply-Chain computerization of the entire TPDS operations would cover monitoring of food grains allocation, storage and movements starting from the base depots of FCI till the FPS. The information related to the supply-chain has to be made available in public domain through the Transparency Portal. The portal would have different dashboards catering to the varying information needs of various stakeholders involved in TPDS operations. A Proper supply chain management which has a strong logistic backbone to ensure timely lifting of food grains and kerosene from FCI Depots and Refinery sale point stocking and issue of commodities at the wholesale point and availability and retail sale of these commodities at the level of beneficiary/ consumers. It should be an effective and real time system able to detect stock and availability and placement of stock to ensure that no breakdown in the entire supply chain management is there. Ideally this has been sought to be addressed through the provisioning of door to door delivery by the Government and ensuring tracking of food grain movement through a geographical information system platform (GIS) coupled with GPS (Global Positioning System) based Vehicle tracking software which can provide real time input on stock location and quantity.

As part of implementation of Supply Chain Management Delhi-NICs CAS solution was demonstrated and tested in Kerala on the 15th of December 2014 and the trial version was created only until February 2015. During testing the department found a lot of anomalies that restricted it from further testing/piloting the CAS FEAST solution.

The Anomaly document along with the progress was shared with Secretary MoCAFPD, GoI vide letter no. CS/IT-1/33416/2014 Dated: 13thMarch 2015. It was also requested that a team of NIC technical experts be present in Kerala for a short duration to resolve the issues in CAS. First email in this regard was sent to DDG NIC on 8th January 2015. Subsequent letter was sent to DDG NIC on 3rd February 2015 Response with updated url has been received from NIC Delhi on 8th April 2015 but the solution is not accessible from that link through nicnet. The intimation of the same was also communicated to NIC.

Since NIC has not made any progress in the customisation of Common Application Software (CAS) in the state and were unable to provide an effective solution for the implementation of  End-to-End computerisation of PDS, on the 9th of July, 2015 a decision has been taken in a meeting chaired by the Hon’ble Minister, Food & Civil Supplies that the state government shall develop its own application software for the end-to-end computerisation of Public Distribution System and not to implement the Common Application Software (CAS) developed by NIC-Delhi in Kerala.

In the meantime considering the urgency and the teething time required for customization of the CAS solution for Kerala, the department has developed an in-house solution in accordance with eGoV standards named “Distribution Monitoring System”(DMS). The same is under testing and code review by WFP and will be piloted for the end to end computerization of PDS in Kerala. The same has also been communicated to GoI and NIC.