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The End-to-End computerization project of the Public Distribution System is a revolutionary project that is envisaged to transform the Public Distribution System in Kerala and the food security scenario in the entire nation. The Civil Supplies Department is in a period of Transformation to an IT enabled Public Distribution System under the guidance of National Food Security Act, 2013. The end-to-end computerization of PDS and the Civil Supplies Department to facilitate this transformation has started and is progressing gradually. Our country has perhaps the most phenomenal Food Distribution System globally. Although originally stemming from the poor agricultural produce internally and the dependency on food grains on outside economies, subsequently after the green revolution which peaked into food self sufficiency and as on date a food grain surplus nation with buffer stocks, the public distribution system is a umbrella effort incorporating procurement, movement, stocking and distribution. This mammoth framework has had a telling effect on the fiscal costs to the government and coupled with leakages and inefficient targeting of the subsidies, Read More..

Four Components of End-to-End Computerisation Project:

Grievance Redressal
database digitisation

Ard Automation
supply chain management

Model Pilot Implementation

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